Integrated Dynamic-uml For Flow-based Ontologies Big And Small

Research; Design; Development; Production; Supply Chain; Fulfillment; Distribution; Financials; Procurement; G&A; Risk; Contingencies; Capital Management; Classic Data Modeling; TOGAF / EA; Process Automation; Policy Deployment; Bottleneck Analysis; Andon; Gemba; Continuous Flow;
Kaizen; PDCA; OE/Lean; 6 Sigma; Virtual 5S; Total Quality Management; Continuous Improvement; Value Stream Mapping; Visual Factory; Bottleneck Analysis; Error Proofing; Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); KPI Management; Total Productive Maintenance; Takt Time; SMART Goals;

Faster than a Spreadsheet,
More Powerful than a Big Iron Locomotive.

Modeling Your Functional Reality

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